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Hello Guys,
I am on holidays. So, I was watching the funny videos over YouTube and I found one new channel.
The the new Entertaining channel I have only for you is Pewdiepie.

The owner of the channel make the videos of the subjects he liked. The owner of the channel is named as Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg.
He is very funny man I have found on the YouTube.
I was just surfing the YouTube and found the video of the issue that he was going to delete the channel if he have 50 million subscribers on the YouTube.
He haven't still date. Yes, that was the only joke for the publicity of him and his channel. He succeded in his goal as he have more than 50 million views now.
On the day, 15 August 2013 his channel has become the most subscribed channel as he beat the most subscribed channel YouTube Spotlight.
The channel owner is from the Sweden and he like to play mostly the games and he also features the vloges.
Previously the channel owner ownes the channel named Pie. But he forget …