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People & History

Hi Friends, Today, I have one educational channel for you! Oh! wait. Is it really educational? No. I think it is informative channel. Oh Yes ! Now I am really right. Channel name is People and History. Are you thinking of the TV channel History. Then you are absolutely WRONG.
Yes. You read it correct this is the channel for the people and mainly their History. So, the name People and History was given to the channel.
 This channel is Indian channel. Here, you can get the information about the various personalities of the Bollywood. There are various personalities from the India. There are nearly all famous personalities of the Bollywood. But there is one problem with the channel. This channel is only features with Hindi language. So, people who can understand Hindi language, they can have the advantage with the channel
Now, let's see about the videos.
Videos over here are just the images which are converted to the videos. There is a mail voice of the person for the feature of the…