The Best of CS:GO

Guys, have you heard of Drugs? You may be or may not. If not I am here, Drug is substance that make psychological changes in body when it enter in body. But here there is no any substance. It is virtual but none less than any drug and that thing is Counter Strike.

  Counter Strike is a video game invented in 1999 by Valve Corporation for windows. That changes the whole gaming industry. This game has more than 5 development companies with many versions of games.  This game was first multiplayer shooting game.

          If you are addicted to this game then this channel would be heaven for you. Really, I am also CS player (in my school days, I used to play it.) and I have little experience with it. I like the video on this channel and channel is Silent.

          There are lot of versions of Counter Strike. And one of them is Counter Strike: Global Offence. Commonly referred as CS:GO.  It was developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation. This fourth version of CS …

Hello Friends,

In this post you could find that this post is not just about the YouTube channel but also the website. This is a great platform where you can find "How the Rich and Successful people live their life?" If you wanted to be the future billionaire and want to know the life  of billionaire then this channel might be helpful for you.

As mentioned above the channel is
"Home of Luxury & Fine Living Enthusiasts!"

With this slogan this website has now become none other than a network of peoples who are willing to become a billionaire. The start of this channel was to promote the articles on the page and promote the website but by looking at the fame of the channel as well as the website they make this website as a platform. Now people post their views and things on this platform which are related to billionaire.

Let's have a look at the channel.
Videos of the channel over here are the combination of the information available on the magazines like Fo…

How To Men

Hello friends,
I am back with great and happening channel just for you!

But I wanted to ask you one question.
"Are you an android user?"

If yes then, this channel is for you.
 So, you could think this channel is for men.
Then you are absolutely WRONG!!!

This is a channel which will give you information about the smartphones, specially speaking its for android users.
Here you will get more about the android world. You can get whole android world concentrated over here.

This channel makes the videos of the reviews of smartphones or of new Android applications.
You would say "So, what there are so many channels for this on You Tube."

But I think this channel is best for these type of reviews.
And you can find videos on some of tricks for your Android device, which you can't find on other channels. So, I like to proudly suggest you this channel.
Here is one little example of videos on this channel.

And one more thing guys,
You will also find tutorials for making your And…

Crash Course

Are you weak in science and wanted to learn about the science easily.
You would say " So what there are so many videos for this on YouTube."

But I would like to tell you speciality of the channel Crash Course.
 You can get the videos on the topics same as the videos in the channels.
But you can definitely miss the great animation and background music. You will definitely understand the terms for which the videos were prepared.

You will get the videos of the following topics:
Economics, U. S. Government and Politics, Astronomy, Anatomy & Physiology, World History, Biology, Literature, Ecology, Chemistry, Psychology and US History.

In this channel, there are 2-3 teachers. They give the various information about the topics and the one subject feature only one teacher.

I really understand the topics I search on YouTube. My search terms always end with name crash course in it. So, I could get the videos from this channel always.

Go for this channel and have a look at the vide…


Hello Friends,
Today I have a new entertaining channel for you like Pewdiepie.
Its name is Smosh.
 This is just the funny channel and make the videos in animated and informative form.
They take the various topics for the animated videos and try to make some funny jokes.  This is the fifth most subscribed channel on YouTube at this time. I think most people like the channel.
This channel was founded by two young youtuber named as  Anthony Padilla and Ian Andrew Hecox.It was founded in 2005. This channel is entertaining since then.
They have many channel named as smosh like smosh games, smosh 2channel, smosh France.
You can choose from these channels.

One good news!
If you like and if you love the videos then you can also watch the new movie named GHOSTMATES.
In this film one person is ghost, who is only visible to the hero of the film only.
I haven't watched the film as this film is in YouTube Red.
Wait! Do you know YouTube Red.
If not I am here always.
YouTube Red is like YouTube …

Kids TV - Nursery Rhymes And Children's Songs

Hello Friends,
Today I don't have any channel for you. But if you are a parent of small child, then this article is for you.
As the name suggest this channel is for Kids.
Kids TV - Nursery Rhymes And Children's Songs.
So, for the parents this channel is very helpful.
Let's go for the videos of the channel.
The channel make the animated video of the rhymes. They make the beautiful music for the rhymes.
I would  like to tell you my personal experience about the channel.
I have small cousin sister. I use to entertain her with this videos on this channel when she was small. At the time she haven't joint kinder garden.
When she joined the school, teacher was unable to make tone for the rhymes then my cousin used to tell her teacher how these rhymes are used to be in tone.
I was very happy to listen about  this thing.

Here in the channel you can get the rhymes like Humpty Dumpty, Johny Johny, Finger Family,etc.
These videos would happen to be very useful for kinder garden stu…


Hello friends,
As told yesterday, today's featuring channel is TED.
You could be thinking that TED is parent channel then also I have write my first review about TED-Ed first and about TED.

Don't worry I am here to tell you.
TED will only give you ideas, but TED-Ed will give not just ideas but also the information related to ideas.
So, I think TED-Ed is more important than TED.
Let's have a look at TED.
Here, you will get the videos of the talks.
There may be various topics of the talks like history, trending topic, politics or any global issue.
What ever it may be. The person in the videos tells the information and his view about the topic.

The persons in the talk are the various dignitaries of the various places.
They talk about the topics and the persons are the audience who have paid for the talks. There talks are freely available in the channel. You can also access these talks from the official website of the TED.

This is good channel to learn things in very different…