Hello Friends,
Today I have a new entertaining channel for you like Pewdiepie.
Its name is Smosh.
 This is just the funny channel and make the videos in animated and informative form.
They take the various topics for the animated videos and try to make some funny jokes.  This is the fifth most subscribed channel on YouTube at this time. I think most people like the channel.
This channel was founded by two young youtuber named as  Anthony Padilla and Ian Andrew Hecox.It was founded in 2005. This channel is entertaining since then.
They have many channel named as smosh like smosh games, smosh 2channel, smosh France.
You can choose from these channels.

One good news!
If you like and if you love the videos then you can also watch the new movie named GHOSTMATES.
In this film one person is ghost, who is only visible to the hero of the film only.
I haven't watched the film as this film is in YouTube Red.
Wait! Do you know YouTube Red.
If not I am here always.
YouTube Red is like YouTube but you have to pay for videos.

I think film is good you can have a look to the film.

There is also one website by
Here, you can get various products like somsh T-shirt and trousers from the website.

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