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The Best of CS:GO

Guys, have you heard of Drugs? You may be or may not. If not I am here, Drug is substance that make psychological changes in body when it enter in body. But here there is no any substance. It is virtual but none less than any drug and that thing is Counter Strike.

  Counter Strike is a video game invented in 1999 by Valve Corporation for windows. That changes the whole gaming industry. This game has more than 5 development companies with many versions of games.  This game was first multiplayer shooting game.

          If you are addicted to this game then this channel would be heaven for you. Really, I am also CS player (in my school days, I used to play it.) and I have little experience with it. I like the video on this channel and channel is Silent.

          There are lot of versions of Counter Strike. And one of them is Counter Strike: Global Offence. Commonly referred as CS:GO.  It was developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation. This fourth version of CS …