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Hello Friends,
Today I have a new channel for you. If you are in teen age then this channel is for you.
I know this channel named Nigahiga, have a quite different name.
Ok! Very different name but Higa is the surname of the owner. And the word Niga is just the rhyme to his surname and nothing much.
This channel is just for fun channel. Here the team of youtuber (I commonly refer to videomakers) make the fun videos.
Now you would think "But for what puruse?"
I don't think they have any purpose for making any video on YouTube.
No no they actually have one.

Really they just make videos for fun and choose one random topic for the video. Sometimes the viewers of the channel give some topics to him and then he make the video over the topic.
The channel owner named as Ryan Higa, is a American by birth but have origin from Japan.He also have a channel named Higa TV. It is littteraly similar.
The channel is little fun, but I don't find much in the channel. T…