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Hello friends,
I am back with new educational channel for you.
Yes, TED-Ed is an educational channel. You might have heard of TED.

If not, don't worry I am here to help you.
TED is a organization similar to Khan Academy. It spreads the ideas to the people, all over the world.
Here the TED-Ed perform the similar task of giving the knowledge in form of animations.
At my first visit I thought that this was the channel for the kids.
I was wrong.
This channel have taught me a lot of things. You will find this channel is very useful.
Let's talk about videos.
Videos over here are animated and they would have either male or female voice.
Oh! shit I forget to tell you about the topics of the videos.

The topics of the videos are various simple and trending questions of all the time.
This video will help you to get all available information about the topic.
You will get the information about history, geographic conditions and various other topics.

I learned a lot through this channe…