Hello friends,
As told yesterday, today's featuring channel is TED.
You could be thinking that TED is parent channel then also I have write my first review about TED-Ed first and about TED.

Don't worry I am here to tell you.
TED will only give you ideas, but TED-Ed will give not just ideas but also the information related to ideas.
So, I think TED-Ed is more important than TED.
Let's have a look at TED.
Here, you will get the videos of the talks.
There may be various topics of the talks like history, trending topic, politics or any global issue.
What ever it may be. The person in the videos tells the information and his view about the topic.

The persons in the talk are the various dignitaries of the various places.
They talk about the topics and the persons are the audience who have paid for the talks. There talks are freely available in the channel. You can also access these talks from the official website of the TED.

This is good channel to learn things in very different way and view the way of life in different way through the video of this channel.

I hope you like my review and also you would like this channel.
You can comment your view in the comment box.

And finally Thank You for reading!


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